Photo: Gary Colwell

Photo: Gary Colwell

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Jillian Bogan is a crazy cat lady, who was born and raised in the prairies. Shes been painting for as long as she can remember which doesn't say much because she lost a lot of memories during her not so brief stint of nightly binge drinking. 

More recently Jillian realized that her age required her to be an adult and that living your life like a rap song was not only unrealistic but also undesirable. especially for a woman with no ass. so she pulled up her socks and put on her Birkenstocks in an ironic hipster way, and set forth making art.

Jill did two years of arts at the University of Saskatchewan before coming to the realization that if she continued she would not only be poor forever but also acquire a crippling debt. After a few years off she is back in university perusing a degree in science.